Beauties of Bovec: Part 3

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 Sara Wallflower 14 Comments

Hello everybody!

Here comes the third and the final post of my series about beauties of Bovec. I really like the fact that even though Bovec is quite a small town, you can do loads of fun activities there. One of the interesting facts about Bovec is that the bridge battle for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was shot in the Soča Valley.

As I really like travelling and finding new places, I was really excited for my series Beauties of Bovec. I hope you enjoyed reading it too.

I hope you enjoy reading blog from another teenager! 

Love, Sara Wallflower ♥


  1. great photos!

  2. Awesome pictures!!! Looks like a beautiful place

    Come visit my blog!

  3. Those pictures of the lake are stunning! :) x

  4. That place looks amazing! I would love to visit that one day! x
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    1. You should visit Bovec, it's so beautiful there x

      Sure, I followed you via GFC and Bloglovin xx

  5. Sooooo beautiful!
    Please, take me there haaha!
    Have a nice day!

    1. It is, I'm so in love with Bovec :)
      I'd love to take you there with me haha :)

  6. Aww so beautiful :))


  7. Wow! So many gorgeous pictures, what a beautiful place
    Allison from


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