OOTD: Black Is Such A Happy Colour Darling

Saturday, November 22, 2014 Sara Wallflower 27 Comments

Hello everybody!

Don’t worry- I don’t lie every time I write that I love colours, I still prefer colourful clothes and accessories. But for some reason I become obsessed with dark colours (especially black) every autumn/ winter. So I decided to do an all black outfit for my first OOTD ever. You can obviously tell from the photos that I’m not used to be photographed or even be normal, so I barely managed to find some decent photos. But hey- it was fun being a model for 15 minutes and my sister, who was my photographer for a day, did a great job.

It has become quite cold here, actually it’s like in winter, all that is missing is snow. I wear that coat a lot, because it goes with almost every outfit and I feel classy in it (I can’t believe I've just said that!). I’m also in love with those black ankle boots, I’ve been looking for them for months. Well they’re a bit dirty now, as my ‘little photo shooting’ happened on our muddy garden (It’s raining literally every day, can it finally snow now?). I wore black high waisted pants, and I have also one in dark blue colour too, they’re just too comfortable!

And because I didn’t want to be all in black, I used bright red lipstick- I’m feeling quite Christmassy already.

High waisted pants: H&M
Coat: C&A
Boots: MASS

I hope you enjoy reading blog from another teenager! 

Love, Sara Wallflower ♥


  1. Hello everybody!

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  2. You should do more fashion posts! love the jacket

    Jennos Health.

  3. Great hair dear!

  4. I love wearing a red lip with a black outfit - such a classic look :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  5. What a lovely post! :)

  6. You're rocking that red lip! Is that a kitty I spot? Too adorable <3

    She Will Be

  7. Your hair looks completely stunning in these photos and the black outfit really sets it off! You look great! :)

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  8. I love this outfit and that coat looks lovely. :) x


  9. Okay, I can honestly say that I'm in love with every detail of your outfit! The hair, the lipstick, the coat... ugh! Everything! What that too much for a first comment? lol


  10. Love your photos!!! Please come check out my blog if you get the chance!

    -Roxanne Carmen

  11. Črna je tudi moja najljubša barva za nosit pozimi :) Plašč je pa res eleganten in ti prav paše. Pohvale sestri za slike; tudi moja sestra je moj fotograf kar se tiče outfitov :) xx Maja

  12. Using red lipstick to add a pop of colour is such a good idea, I do it all the time!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  13. Lovely cat :D and your hair is beautiful :)

  14. great post! i love wearing all black and do so most days :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. if you want to, enter my christmas giveaway to win £660+ worth of beauty products! click here.

  15. Girl you are rocking thse red lips! All black is beautiful on you, love the coat, such great details with the two zipper and the quilted sleeves. Great outfit.

  16. I LOVE your coat! So unique. Can't go wrong with a all black outfit, such a classic. I like that you added the pop of red on the lips too. :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  17. I always love a good all-black look! Those boots are so great!

    be the plebeian

  18. You look so much like Zoe from American Horror Story, and you really suit black! I nominated you for anaward on my blog, you may have already got it but I wanted to acknowledge how great your posts are!

    Evelyn x

  19. Great outfit and I love the hair! <3

    I have a new outfit post on my blog, would love to know your thoughts:



  20. First ever ootd post? Wow! You should probably keep posting your ootds :) Love the first look!

    Have a great day, Sara! :)


  21. Love your hair! xx

  22. Lipstick definately adds something to an all black outfit!! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  23. That's weird to say, but I love your hair. Beautiful ombre :)

    Mary x

  24. Love your coat! Super duper cute!



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