Birthday Wishlist

Saturday, January 10, 2015 Sara Wallflower 28 Comments

Birthday Wishlist

1. Women's Topshop Strap Lace Bralette // 2. Acne Studios Pin High-Waisted Skinny Jeans // 3. Joseph Sid cotton-blend tweed coat // 4. Urban Decay Naked3 // 5. MAC Lipstick // 6. Brights Nail Lacquer Collection  // 7. AERIN Beauty Rose Balm Lipstick, Coral Sand // 8. Linda Farrow Rounded Cat Eye Sunglasses // 9. Alexandra Ferguson White and Black Relax You're Home Now Pillow // 10. Pier 1 Imports Holtom Storage Bench - Antique White

Hello everybody!

“You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen...”

As you can tell my 17th birthday is coming soon- it’s only 20 days until January 31st! And because I’m nice, I thought I would make a Birthday wishlist post, so all my relatives and friends won’t have any difficulties in selecting gifts :). I change my mind all the time, so this wishlist is actually completely different from my Christmas one. And because it is my birthday I can exaggerate with the choice, right?

I chose some fashion/ beauty/ home items and accessories that I love at the moment. I actually don’t know how did that happen, but I’ve become obsessed with black in last months. And with high-waisted pants- but I really need another one. There are never enough beauty products I say, especially lipsticks (they are my favourite). I've been looking for a darker shades and this dark plum looks amazing, but I want a bright pink too, because who doesn't need a little bit of pink? Do I even have to explain why I need another nail polish? I really like those glasses- they are cat eye sunglasses, so there is no need for further explanation. And finally, which 17-year old doesn’t want a bench? You can sit on it and stuff and it's cool. A pillow is also on my wishlist, as I like to sleep (who doesn't?) and white pillows look so lovely, especially the ones with quotes on them.

What are some things that are on your wishlist?

I hope you enjoy reading blog from another teenager!

Love, Sara Wallflower ♥


  1. Gorgeous picks! I'm obsessed with MAC lipsticks at the moment! Happy birthday for the 31st :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. this is such a nice wishlist, I love the pillow and the black top. Very cute

  3. Love all of your picks!

  4. Aww not too long left now. Your birthday will be here before you know it :) I love your picks, especially the storage bench. It's gorgeous! X


  5. Just love that blazer!! :)

  6. I'm loving that MAC lipstick color!! Great B-day picks :)



    My Closet Life Blog

  7. These are great picks, I really like the garments and the Naked 3 palette is a must :) Hope you do receive some of these!

  8. Loving the post !
    Glad i came across your blog

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  9. Great list!
    Very nice blog by the way :)

    Kisses from Russia,

  10. lovely wishlist. happy birthday!

  11. I wish I was still a teenager and I could afford myself wearing crop tops...:)))

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

  12. so cool wishlist ;) great!
    kiss from italy.
    Check it out my new post:

  13. Ooo we got ourselves a birthday girl!!!

    Lipsticks are my favorite too. In fact, I can never leave the house with out my Del Rio by MAC lipstick! I just can't! Lol and I can relate to the all-black thing. During the summer I try to add more color to my wardrobe but my closet always ends up creeping back to black. In fact, I'm looking at my closet right now and I can only see one blue skirt in a sea of black!


  14. No. 5 is also on my wishlist :D
    Lets hope you'll get everything you wish!!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  15. i hope you get some of the things on your wishlist because I never do, lol, my mum says I'm to ambitious and unrealistic, a girl can dream for a new car right? Fiat 500 preferably!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  16. Heh, moj je ravnokar šel gor pa niti približno ne zgleda glamurozen kot tvoj seznam želja :) Vse so lepe ideje za darilo, od outfit kombinacije do vzglavnika; tisti roza lak pa ima res super odtenek :) xx Maja

  17. Hi there! I hope you get something of your wishlist :)
    I love your blog! Would you like to support each other'
    on GFC and Bloglovin?


  18. love the lipsticks and eye shadow palette!! so great!

    Animated Confessions

  19. Gorgeous wish list, the lace crop top is so pretty! <3

    I have a new outfit post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  20. Nice list, love everything :)

  21. I love that crop top- it's gorgeous. The pillow is also so cute! X


    1. Can't wait to see your next post- followed! :-) X

  22. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! I hope you get everything that you want!


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