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Saturday, December 27, 2014 Sara Wallflower 22 Comments

Hello everybody!

I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions, because if I wrote something, I would feel obliged to do it well. There are so many things I want to fulfil in 2015 and that’s why I decided to write some of my New Year’s resolutions 2015 on small pieces of paper and put them in the bottle. I guess it will be quite fun finding out which resolutions I have accomplished and which ones I haven’t in December 2015. I still have four days to add some resolutions, so the list will probably get a bit longer.

My New Year’s resolutions 2015:

Eat healthier: I was eating healthy for more than two years, but in a year/ half year my eating habits deteriorate immensely due to stress of school.

Lose weight: Because of my latest eating habits a gained a few pounds and I literally hate my body at the moment. So I decided to lose some weight and I hope that way I will be able to feel good in my body.

Climb more: My immune system was not on my side this year. I had some serious health problems and I was also constantly ill last month, so I missed a lot of climbing trainings. Because of that I lost my strength, fitness and also will. I hope I’ll be able to climb a lot more, especially outdoors.

Start doing a driving test: Since I won’t be 18, I can’t get a driving license yet, but I can start doing a driving test. I can’t wait for the summer!

Find vacation work: With vacation work I want to save some money for university.

Do research paper: My friend and I decided to do a chemistry research paper until the autumn 2015.

Learn to speak fluent German: I’ve been learning German for 4 years now, and I’m still pretty bad at speaking it. I really want to learn to speak it more fluent.

Have a great success at the end of 2nd grade: At the end of our grades, based on our school marks, we are differently successful. As a perfectionist, I want to have a great success.

Keep scholarship: To keep my Zois scholarship I have to have a great success at the end of 2nd grade, so that’s one of the reasons I will work as hard as I can to be successful.

Be successful in 3rd grade: Because of my health I didn’t go to school a few times this year and that is reflected in my knowledge and school marks. I hope I will be more successful next year, because 3rd grade is important on graduating from secondary school.

Be more independent: Yes, I’m of those girls who can’t spend a day without her friends. I feel kind of empty if I don’t go everywhere with my friends/ classmates/ family and I hate meeting new people. I know I have to change this, because this restricts me to do a lot of things that I want to try.

Be less shy and more self-confident: I’m super shy when it comes to meeting new people and talking to them, so I really want to become more self-confident and first feel better about myself and then also become more open.

Do not worry so much about unimportant things: I worry literally about everything- the way I talk to the others, the way I dress, what school marks I get. I feel stressed all the time because of completely unimportant things and I want to stop doing that.

Do something good for people (all the time): I often feel sorry for myself and don’t see that there are other people who need help too. For the start I think I should be more nice and compliment/ help/ greet random people I meet at the store/ school/ library. It will probably make their day and I will feel much better.

Dye my hair: I have blonde ombré at the moment, but I really need a change. I’m not sure what colour I want to dye my hair, but nothing drastic. 

Renovate my room: I have some really big plans for my room, but unfortunately I don’t have enough money. But for sure my room will be completely different in one year!

Watch musical Hair: This is my all time favourite movie! I love love love it and I watch it at least once a year.

Go to at least one concert: I’ve never been to a concert, because everyone I listen to never comes to Slovenia. But I decided to come out of my comfort zone and go to a concert even if I don’t absolutely adore a band/singer.

Learn to do a perfect winged eyeliner: I’m absolutely the worst at applying eyeliner! I’ve started using eyeliner this autumn, because before that I was literally scared to put anything near my eyes. I learned how to do a winged eyeliner, but I still need a lot of practise.

Improve my blog: I know I’m not the best in writing blog posts, so writing is probably one of the main things I want to improve. Also the posts are not always the best, because sometimes I just write something as I feel I have to, even though I’m overloaded with school work. So I’ll try to put more work in posts, even if this means there will be less posts.

And what are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you think you will accomplish them?

I hope you enjoy reading blog from another teenager!

Love, Sara Wallflower ♥


  1. Learing german? Thats great :)..because i am german :D always cool to hear that!!

    My biggest resolution is...keep on blogging and don't give it up!

    xoxo Colli || TOBEYOUTIFUL

  2. I love how you posted your new years resolution on your blog that's very smart and you can always refer back to it in case you forget. I'm actually going to write mine out today.

    Improving my blog and being more independent are two things that are definitely on my list to. It's difficult sometimes you feel like what's the point? But you have to remember to always be persistent...the biggest bloggers worked for years until their work was noticed!


    With Love, Banke a Fashion Blog

  3. Some great New Years resolutions. I really want to renovate my room too but I have to do a massive tidy up and decluttering session :( X


  4. I had fun reading this post, eating healthy is on my list too :)

  5. Great set of resolutions! Lovely blog also, am now following :)

    Tabby x

  6. I'm the worst at winged eyeliner too and probably speaking German D: Haha. Such a great list! I do a bucket list instead of resolutions, but I love your list :)


  7. wonderful list! i need to work on mine too!

  8. Great resolution list.My would be probably long too.Happy holiday and New Year! I'm following you on Bloglovin and would love if you could follow me back.

  9. I need to make my resolutions!! You have good ones :)



  10. These are some great resolutions! I know what you mean about needing to eat healthier, worrying less and being a little nicer. They're definitely going on my resolutions list too, if I decide to make one for the first time this year. 4 days left to compose a list, am I right?

    The Life of Little Me

  11. So many resolutions it's basically a todo list! haha! Good luck!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  12. Those are great resolutions and goals to work towards. Good luck lovely! :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  13. wow you have a lot on your list, but i'm sure you can totally do all of them! i really want to pass my driving test, travel and re-do my root i'm sure you can totally do all of them. good luck :) x

  14. I love reading personal stuff like this. :)
    Good luck with your resolutions!
    I want to do more sports of course, try to eat healthier and keep up working on my blog :)

    Christina ♥

  15. Great post, Sara. Good luck with your resolutions. I don't do New Years resolutions, tho.
    Happy holidays

  16. I want to eat healthier as well and I want to learn a new language too. ;)

  17. Same here I am going to try eat a but healthier! I love climbing too but never have enough time to do it!! Thanks for sharing xx

  18. I love the post. It's good to know that you value your Education so much. I guess it's kind of rare these days. Happy Holidays, Sara!


  19. Cilje si je dobro zapisati, če že, za to, da veš kaj si želiš (v življenju). Svoje cilje bom tudi jaz predstavila na blogu enkrat v začetku leta, tako da lahko posredujem seznam ;) Upam da dosežeš čim več napisanega v novem letu :) xx Maja

  20. I literally just saw this post right after I finished writing my resolutions post (which I hope to edit and post soon.) Good luck on all of them! And thanks for reminding me to start studying for my driving test. :)

  21. This is such a lovely picture you've taken! Uni stress kind of ruined my eating habits and fitness too, but I'm starting to get back on track :) I also want to learn a language! Good luck in all your resolutions :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  22. Brilliant resolutions ! xx


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