June Favourites

Friday, July 11, 2014 Sara Wallflower 25 Comments

Hello everybody!

I know I'm a bit behind with my June favourites, but as indecisive I am, it took me ages to choose products/clothes/food I've loved in June. So here are some of the things I’ve been loving through June!


I’m not sure why, but I really love my new wallet with palms on it. I’ve been looking for a suitable wallet for literally a year and I just couldn’t find one. But when I saw this one, I knew I have to buy it. I bought my wallet in Stradivarius and it was on sale. It actually contains two of my favourite things: palms and bright colours and it’s so cute for the summer!

       Afrodita Cosmetics: Hand & Nail Cream

Hand & Nail cream from Afrodita Cosmetics (Slovenian brand) is one of the best creams I’ve ever tried! It’s from DM and it’s limited edition. I’m not sure from which ingredients it’s made of, but to me it smells divine. When I’m climbing, I use a lot of chalk, which makes my hands really dry, but this cream makes my hands soft again.

Avon: Conditioner for Fine Hair

I’m quite lazy when it comes to taking care of my body or hair, so it was hard for me to start using anything beside only regular shampoo. But when I got my hair ombred, I was kind of forced to take more care of it. My hair is already damaged because of the peroxide and I don’t want to make it even worse. So I find Avon’s Conditioner really helpful, as my hair seems a lot more smooth and healthy after using this conditioner.

Balea: Body lotion

Again, I’m lazy, when it comes to using body lotion. I know I’m supposed to use body lotion in autumn, winter and spring too, but at least I force myself to use it in the summer. So in June I started using Balea’s body lotion, which smells amazing and it really makes my skin soft. I use it once a week, even though I was supposed to use it every day. 

Labello: Fruit Shine Cherry

I usually don’t like lip glosses, creams or shampoos which contain the scent of fruit, because for some reason, this cause me nausea. But I’m absolutely in love with Labello’s Fruit Shine Cherry! It smells like real cherry and it makes my lips a bit red and shiny. It’s just perfect for the summer.

Patrick Ness: Chaos Walking

As I’ve already said, I’m a bookworm. In the summer I can read all day long and this really makes me calm. This June I read the first book in the trilogy Chaos Walking, called The Knife of Never Letting Go. This trilogy is written by an American-born British author Patrick Ness. Now I’m reading the second book The Ask and the Answer. I love both books and I can’t wait to read the third one! They’re so exciting and I usually don’t read science fiction books, but these are really intense and I just can’t stop reading them!

So these are my June favourites, if you want me to do them every month, write me in the comments. What products did you love using in June?

I hope you enjoy reading blog from another teenager! 

Love, Sara Wallflower ♥


  1. Thanks for the book reccommendation! I'm an absolute bookworm too, I'll be sure to read that :)

  2. ah i love reading book reccommendations, i shall have to add them to my list.
    i also agree i absolutely love avon hair products!
    lots of love | Jennifer's Journal x

  3. Aww this wallet is so cute, so summery :)
    Also love those Labello lip balms, especially the smell and that it really moisturizes my lips.

    Mary x


    1. thanks x
      I've absolutely loved all Labello lip balms that I've had until now x

  4. Love this post,so cute:)

  5. you picked some awesome favourites!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. you can win a cute Dahlia trench in my little giveaway! click here

  6. omg just come across your blog and I must say it is looking amazing :) I love what you have wrote will defo keep in touch :)

    I have just done a summer tag and i tag everyone http://myroutinesjade.blogspot.co.uk/ would mean a lot if you check it out :)

    keep up the good work :)


  7. I love that wallet - it looks like the perfect size!
    I always get Avon make up but never look into getting their haircare - I might have a little look next time I get a book!

    I'm now following you on bloglovin!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you!
      Avon hair products are amazing! I've used them for a long time now.

      Thanks, your blog is great xx

  8. I love the bag, very cute!
    Check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other? Hope to hear from you!


    1. Thanks x

      And sure, I followed you via GFC and Bloglovin!


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