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Monday, July 13, 2015 Sara Wallflower 12 Comments

Hello everybody!

My love and passion for photography is often hidden because of my laziness. I love taking photos of nature, my cat, different cities, but at the same time, I’m too lazy to take my phone out of my bag and take some photos and I prefer to eat that delicious cake than to take hundreds of photos of it. But I’m still obsessed with Instagram, because I think it sums up my life in just a few photos. I do post a lot of photos (in my opinion), but I delete most of them after I get bored of them.

So I thought I’d share the stories behind some of my photos that I haven’t deleted, because they have a special meaning to me or I just like them.

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One: My first photo on Instagram was taken in Bovecone of my favourite places in Slovenia. Well before this photo I posted two more photos, but I deleted them later, as I didn’t really like them. I'm really happy how this photo turned out, because it combines two of the things I like- a bridge and a forest.

Two: This photo was also taken in Bovec and it is probably one of my favourite photos from our family trip. The mountains, the river and houses in the background make the whole photo look kind of magical.

Three: On this photo you can see my cat Miki (I post a lot of his photos, but he looks so cute!). At the time I took this photo it was autumn, so he was getting really fluffy and he looked really cute in our bathtub and that’s why I just had to post this photo.

Four: When I went on a school trip to Munich all I did was taking photos of literally everything. If you follow me on you have probably noticed that I LOVE Germany, my dream is to live there one day, so I obviously fell in love with Munich.

Five: On this photo you can see my sister Lea and me and it’s not really the best photo of the two of us, but I still love it because it was taken by my mother on Lea’s birthday. 

Six: We went on a really boring school trip in April (I think), I don’t even remember where and the only thing I liked about the trip was the nature. I know I post way to many photos of nature on Instagram, but I simply love it.

Seven: I went to Gardaland three times, but it looked amazing every time I went there. I had the best time in Gardaland with my best friend and when we ran from one attraction to another, I quickly took some photos. This one is one of my favourites.

Eight: About two weeks ago my sister, my cousin and I went to Croatia for a day and when we drove back to Slovenia we stopped by this beautiful lake and I just had to take some photos of it.

It was quite hard for me to choose only few photos and it was quite hard to describe them too. In my head there are so many thoughts about every single photo I’ve ever posted on Instagram, but it’s so hard to write those thoughts down. At the end all I can say is that every photo means a lot to me, because every photo represents a beautiful memory.

Love, Sara Wallflower ♥


  1. Love your Instagram! Mine can be so boring sometimes! -

  2. Love your Instagram! Mine can be so boring sometimes! -

  3. Hi Sara!!

    These are amazing pics

  4. Your photographs are so lovely. x

  5. Great photos!

  6. Instagram is a great place to share your daily snaps, isn't it :)

  7. It’s the night before my holiday and I should really really be sleeping but I can’t stop reading your blog haha! Loved this post.

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  8. Nice pictures!
    Happy weekend dear,

  9. Really nice pictures, love it! X Minale

  10. Beautiful photos and I love love love your style of writing! Keep it up!

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