Sara Wallflower- One Year Later

Sunday, July 05, 2015 Sara Wallflower 31 Comments

Hello everybody!

On July 5th 2014 I wrote my first post on my blog, which was called Sara Wallflower. And today, on July 5th 2015 it’s my One Year Blogiversary!

Back in 2014, when I created this blog, I literally didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know what blogging is and how hard it is to run a blog, because there are not many bloggers in Slovenia. And at the time the only blog I checked from time to time was Zoe Sugg’s blog. I really enjoyed reading it as I got a feeling that I can get to know her much better from her posts than her YouTube videos. So because of her I became interested in blogging.

One afternoon I just decided I want to start a blog- mainly because of my curiosity and also boredom (it was summer holiday and I had nothing to do). But I didn’t know anyone with a blog, so I couldn’t ask anyone for advice and beside that I felt like I was rushing into something I have no idea about. I then started to feel insecure about starting a blog, I questioned whether people will like it and if not- what if negative comments will get me down. But days passed and at the time my dad and I were taking a hike a lot and on every hike I was thinking about the blog, about what I would write, how would I design it...

I really wanted to create some kind of diary, where I could write about anything that’s on my mind, without other people judging me. And if my diary would help someone, that’s even better. I realised if I feel so passionate about blogging and I haven’t even started with it, there was a big chance I would regret not starting a blog sooner or later.

That’s how I created my blog Sara Wallflower. When I was writing new posts, discovering new blogs, commenting on people’s posts I felt free and happy- just like I feel when I climb, hike, run or do anything else I love to do. So blogging became something I love to do and without blogging my head would simply explode. While blogging I felt self- confident, I felt like I can do anything I want to- not like in real life, where I constantly felt insecure, where it was so hard for me to meet new people or start a conversation with someone.

But meeting other bloggers was so simple, because I could follow and talk to people who had same ideas as I had. Now I can say that meeting so many new people was probably the best thing this year, and all of your nice comments are probably the reason I still write new posts. Not quitting blogging really surprised me, as I usually get bored of everything really quickly and after a short time I quit everything I start.

So thank YOU for sticking with me since the very beginning, thank YOU for supporting me on this crazy and wonderful journey I have never imagined I would even start, thank YOU for being here when I felt like giving up on everything or when I didn’t write a new post for ages because of school. And thank YOU for letting me express my true self, because pretending I’m someone I’m not is something I do on daily basis in real life. But on Sara Wallflower I can be myself. And I feel like no one judges me. And that’s probably the best feeling in the whole world.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts and getting to know me a bit in the past year. I also hope you will enjoy reading them in the next few months, 2 years or even 10 years!

Love, Sara Wallflower ♥


  1. Have a happy blogiversary!

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! You have such a lovely blog and I love reading it! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Congratulations! Happy birthday of your blog!


  4. Vse najboljše in srečno tudi v prihodnje :D xx Maja

  5. Happy Blogaversary!! I completely get that feeling of obsession before even starting your blog. It's like it's your most important thought every night before you go to sleep, every time you have a moment to think of anything; it's how you're going to organise it and what you're going to write, and then one day it happens and you're just as obsessed as ever until it dies down into the non-judgemental public diary it was meant to be. I love your blog and keep doing what you're doing x

    The Life of Little Me

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  8. Congrats Sara!!! I can't wait for the next blog posts! Also I hope you'll never quit blogging :)

    Mary x

    (sorry for those deleted comments haha)

  9. YAY!!!!!!!! Happy blogoverssary!!! <3 -

  10. YAY!!!!!!!! Happy blogoverssary!!! <3 -

  11. Aww happy birthday to your blog! <3 More power :)

  12. Happy birthday to your blog. I love reading your posts and can't wait to see what the future brings for your blog! x

  13. Interesting post, dear! Love your blog! ^_ì

  14. Happy blog anniversary. Here's to many more to come.

  15. Aw, how great that this has evolved into something so much greater for you, Sara! Here's to another year, and another, and another! <3

    May • THE MAYDEN

  16. Happy blogiversary! Here's to many more years ^-^

    Sarah |

  17. My congratulations!! Good luck in blogging ;)


  18. Congratulations ! You've achieved a great milestone, wishing you many more blogiversary (:


  19. Congratulations your blog anniversary, you can really
    be proud of yourself, it's so nice to keep blogging for a year. ;)

  20. Happy one year - here's to many more!

    Krissie x -

  21. Congrats on making this far in blogging <3
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  22. Happy Blog Birthday!! :)

  23. Aww Happy Blogversary Sara! Here's to many more years <3

  24. happy blogeversary! What a wonderful post to commemorate when you first started out! I agree it is incredibly difficult to run a blog, while having a job and demands outside of this passion :) Keep it up, from one blogger to another - you are doing awesome!

    XO K


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