National Girlfriends Day

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Hello everybody!

August 1st is National Girlfriends day, which celebrates friendship. Because of that I’ve decided to come up with three tips on how can you and your girlfriend together take your health into your own hands and live a healthy and adventurous life.

1. Be active

When you hang out with your girlfriend it’s always fun to watch TV for hours, eat pizza and other junk food and just do nothing. But you can also have fun and be active at the same time. Go to the gym and if you prefer nature you can go cycling, running or hiking- you can enjoy in the nature, do something good for yourself and at the same time be with your friend. If you and your friend are more of artistic type you can dance while listening to your favourite music. Or if you both usually spend most of your time on YouTube watching your favourite YouTubers- maybe you should try to do the Yoga Challenge and have an amazing time while being active. There are so many ways to be active while hanging out with your girlfriend, so instead of inviting her to a movie marathon, you should invite her to the nearest meadow where you can play volleyball, a game of badminton...

2. Eat healthy

I admit that bag of crisps, ice- cream, gummy bears... are a must- have when I invite my friends to my house. But have you ever realised how you feel somehow useless or you feel too lazy to even stand up and do something when you eat all the sweets? Maybe next time you and your friend can together buy or even make some healthy snacks- beside eating healthy and again doing something good for yourself, you’ll spend some time together, talk and have fun- and that’s all that matters, right?

And if you’re wondering what snacks could possibly be healthy and delicious you can find many different recipes on Tumblr and Pinterest. Here are some really simple ideas for snacks: you can make fruit smoothies, you can try frozen grapes, sliced apples, frozen mangos, air popped popcorn... My favourite is of course a banana smoothie, because it’s made in less than 5 minutes and all you need to make this smoothie (two servings) are two bananas, 2 ½ glasses of milk and cinnamon. You can check my recipe here.

3. Be positive

Always be positive and surround yourself with positive people. Sometimes you might not even realise how much you’re doing for your body and mind when you’re around positive and open- minded people. You have to feel peaceful; you have to feel like yourself around your girlfriend. Talk with her about problems and then solve them together. Laugh together. Do crazy things together. From time to time be silent and really peaceful together. Be positive even when you feel like giving up on everything, because taking care for your health on the long term is one of the most important things in your life.

I wasn’t sure about making a post about health at first- I thought that no one will take me serious, because I’m 17, so what should I know about health? It’s true that I might seem young, but being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is iportant no matter how old I am or any of you.

If you’d like to get some more information about National Girlfriends Day or you’d like to get more useful information considering health, you can get them here: Girlfriends' Health and Safety Tips. You can also check out Oscar Health Insurance and their infographic below for check- ups you need throughout your life. They provide many resources through their health insurance for New Jersey and New York, that helps their members stay proactive about their health. For example, for their incentive program you can earn up to $240 (219€) just hitting a step goal each day with a free misfit fitness tracker they provide.

And you can also check this infographic:

Love, Sara Wallflower 


  1. I love this post! I didn't even know that there was such a thing as Girlfriend's Day. Love the infographic!

  2. Thx for sharing this important information.

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  4. This post is lovely! I loved learning more about health ^-^

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  5. Great post!!

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  6. I really love this post! x

  7. Hvala za te informacije, res nisem vedela za prvi avgust. Poleg vsega pa so vsi ti podatki pomembni za zdravje, kdaj je potreben kakšen pregled, kako izboljšati stanje itd. :) xx Maja

  8. Fantastic tips! I'm going to do it too:)
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  9. Thanks for enlightening me of these advices!
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  10. Thanks for sharing! Great info!

  11. Be positive.. I need that!!! <3 -

  12. Be positive.. I need that!!! <3 -


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  14. Great post! It is especially important to be positive :) The world needs much more of that..

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  15. This post is amazing - women should really support
    each other and give such great tips as you did.
    I also like that you have featured a health part in here - it's so important
    to talk about screenings, check-ups and things like this, too. :)

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